Apple Maps Info Card


I had been working on the iOS keyboard team for a couple years — developing the Split Keyboard, assisting with various text system features, and adding support for new languages & input methods — when a former manager from the keyboard team invited me to join the Apple Maps application team for the final push.

Joining the project at a very late stage, I took ownership of a small feature that was on the chopping block due to time constraints — the “cinematic info card” and Yelp integration for points of interest. I worked closely with the design team to iterate & fine-tune the design of the text and image animations and with our partners at Yelp to include user photos and reviews.

As it goes in software (and in life), nothing is permanent — the info card was totally redesigned in iOS 8, but here’s a potato-quality picture I found (courtesty of Engadget) of the on-stage demo from WWDC 2012.

Scott Forstall demos the info card during the Apple Maps introduction