I stood out on the road for a while, maybe 20 minutess, but I was getting a little concerned about the dwindling light.

just as I was about to walk over to the busier road, an old 70s or early 80s era junker comes lumbering around the corner. I opened the passenger door and saw in the driver seat an older, slightly grizzled guy with long, hair dressed in an old white shirt and distressed chinos. the car was somewhat of a mess - there was stuff on the floor and filling up a portion of the backseat, there was a large surfboard in the front seat, and I thought I could detect the faint smell of marijuana.

'where are you heading?', i asked.

he said he was going to lorne, which was way further than I expected to make it, so I gladly accepted the ride. we made room in the boot for my bag and boots and I hopped in.

in the ride down to lorne, he offered me a horizontal surface under another, larger horizontal surface above me in his rustic beach house. I figured since there was a chance of rain that night, it'd be a good idea to take him up on that.


the twelve apostles along the great ocean road

my sweet rental bike & a sick mural in melbourne

japanese buddha