her eyes are perhaps her most incredible feature - it's like looking at a dual solar eclipse : dark, faceted blue fades into a starburst of gold emanating from behind inky black pupils. when the light catches her eyes from the side, the internal reflection causes a glimmer of light on the opposite side of her pupil, completing the eclipse effect.

i've never seen anything like it.

she arrived in sri lanka after spending the previous few months in India and Nepal. she trekked through Nepal for three weeks, getting covered in ash, sweat, mud - she said she was able to pull dirt out of her skin for a week afterwards. her life sounds like one adventure after another. she'll be heading back to europe to go hitch hiking with a girlfriend before the Ozora festival.

. . .

hmm, this is an interesting sight - a group of four women in full, black burka regalia are attempting to eat ice cream at this place i stopped at to avoid the rain. i had never thought about that before: eating in public in full burka!


i wasn't too surprised when this bus broke down

jungle honey (and larvae) from the comb

a painting in a guest house in kandy

up close & personal with this beauty

incredible stairway leading up to...

...the cave paintings of sigiriya

a somewhat sketchy platform afforded views of the jungle below

some minor construction on the steps