i know i kind of romanticize simple living but the contrast between this way of life and the increasingly disconnected life in modern society couldn't have been more stark. you want community? here it is - it's so simple. no computers or phones in sight. you don't need energy consuming, environment plundering, resource-intensive computing and advanced materials science for this.

it strikes me that social media and some of the most advanced technologists out there are trying to emulate this feeling, yet those efforts are probably further degrading real community & connectedness of people in the present moment.

where did the idealism of the 60s go with respect to the direction of the computer industry?


a mural in mirissa

fishermen in mirissa out for an evening catch

market is open for business!

a street performer and sidekicks in galle

stilt fisherman in mirissa

a nice hammocking spot at the end of the beach

the view from the hammocking spot

the august pera hera celebrations

the kitchen at my guest house in mirissa