Sri Pada


i set out from Siri Pagama around 2:45am for a night time trek up Adams Peak. and just to go all the way and do it pilgrim style, i walked barefoot.

it was kind of exhilarating for the first several hours, walking in the dark with just my torch and listening to the sounds of the rainforest at night. i saw some frogs and worms and a couple birds, but no snakes, leopards, or wild elephants. i had read online it was possible to encounter some animals. 'be aware. don't panic.'

near the top, it got very windy, misty, and cold. a cute dog emerged from her concrete shelter box, and i gave her some coconut cookies. she joined me for the rest of the uphill climb, which got insanely steep near the top, and then she handed me off to a few of her pals for the descent. the security guards taking refuge in the temple at the top gave me some tea which came at just the right time. after sitting on their floor for 20 mins or so, i began the descent and put my sandals on after about 30 minutes. the downhill was much harder on my feet than the uphill.

i'll write more later - i'm exhausted and crashing for short nap at a small dwelling where a monk lives...


a storm rolling in over sri pagama

waterfalls & stupa through the forest

world peace bell placed at sri pada by

my dwelling for a few nights...

...with this theravadan buddhist monk

one of the gateways to sri pada