it's just after midnight on the day we leave edinburgh, and we are surfing a wave of change. it's the start of a new era for M- and me.

i feel like our paths in life twist around characters similar to us. i'm imagining it as a tapestry - we are, each of us, a thread in this infinitely vast two-dimensional canvas - woven together. we weave between the people among us, families often tightly together, but sometimes not. usually, people choose to partner with someone close to their own thread. another thread moving along roughly the same spiral.

the act of creating your world - your intention - is responsible for your experience of it. but it's not just your world, because we are all creators existing in a vast canvas amongst other threads. the paths in the tapestry form an intricate design that lies beyond our dimension of awareness.

the passage of a human lifetime is the thread changing from one phase to another, like the surface into which the thread weaves into and out of.


view from the flat on a rare sunny day

staying warm in a cottage in cawdor parish

a wintry road to the cottage

st. mary's in edinburgh

hiking in the pentland hills

she sells sea shells

an endless summer sunset from blackford hill, edinburgh