i'm in the zagreb airport, attempting to do a bit of work before the flight to lisbon. it's been challenging getting anything done while traveling. three days here, a week there, another three days here, a flight there. i'm looking forward to setting up a more permanent base somewhere, sometime soon.

i came across an interview with ken wilbur the other day, and copied some excerpts:

the Greeks had a beautiful term, Kosmos, which means the sum total of reality, including matter, body, mind, and spirit. but somewhere along the line, the modern world tended to leave out mind and spirit, and so we ended up with the belief that the physical or material world is the only reality, a reality that we call the “cosmos,” or the vast expanse of physical stuff.

scientific materialism stripped mind and spirit from the universe — it reduced the Kosmos to the cosmos, making it impossible to figure out how consciousness fits in the universe. indeed, our minds and souls and spirits are strangers in a strange land, aliens in a world to which they do not belong.

as your sense of identity expands to include more and more beings, you go from identifying with just your organism — or just “me” — to identifying with your family, group, tribe, or nation — an identity of "us" — to identifying with all humans — "all of us" — to even identifying with all sentient beings and the entire universe. as your identity grows, there are fewer and fewer things that appear alien, other, not-self, threatening.

~ ken wilbur, interview, sounds true

a light breakfast in alfama