i'm heading up into the hills near motupeka to a place called Canaan Downs for the Luminate festival. the entire town of takaka seems to be going. i have warm and excited presentiments about the event! i called upon my Burning Man experience today while collecting resources for the week - you always need less than you think.

this will be a week or ten day thing, then I'm going to be very keen to do laundry (unless i can jump in a river at Luminate). M- still has a few of my items so i'm looking forward to being reunited with that as well.

i think that's the biggest challenge when traveling - just keeping it together. no party fouls. a party foul in my 20s was a spilled beer at a party. now, it means anything that disrupts the positive energies, the positive flow. something that distracts from the now.


a choice hammocking set up w/ the ENO Twilights in effect

the canaan downs, pre-festival

luminate opening ceremony, 2013

perusing a vintage whole earth catalog