Golden Bay


i'm back from Luminate and at dangerous kitchen...

Luminate was amazing. the music was awesome - isaac chambers, love & light - my first taste of psytrance, but i was definitely drawn to music that blended world styles with electronic.

an unexpected storm rolled through, and i had to spend the night in the chill zone, shivering under a blanket and drinking chai to stay warm. the next morning, i took the long (and sunny) way back to camp to wring out my sleeping bag and hammock as the sun was rising.

the rain and dew drops on the grasses refracted into a million prismatic sparkles, and as i walked through the fields clouds of mist rose hauntingly from the warming grounds.


view from the queen charlotte track

only 10,000 km from san francisco

a pair of black swans at wharariki beach

hiking through the dunes of the farewell spit